Conference venue and accommodation

University of Oran 1, TALAHIT BEKHLOUF Auditorium, Campus II - Dr Taleb Mourad Salim (Ex IGMO); N2A, Es Sénia, Algeria.

Oran, Algeria.

How to get to the conference site

Take the Tramway to the stop " Campus II - Dr Taleb Mourad Salim (Ex IGMO) ".

GPS position:

The tramway tickets can be purchased from ticket office located in each stop (40 Da/trip).

The tram is operational from 05h00 to 23h00.

You can also get to the U BUS or the 34 BUS to reach the Campus,.or get a taxi in street.or via the Yassir application available on App store.

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Hotel suggestions
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Coopérative immobilière les frères Saadi M08 Hai el Othmania, Oran 31000

Single room 7900 DA

Double room 8 900 DA

Suite 10 000 DA

Junior Suite 11 900 DA

Senior Suite (04 pax) 15 000 DA

Standard apartment (F3 for 04 pax) 17 900 DA

Luxury apartment 19 600 DA





34 Rue Mimouni Bouadjmi El Makari, Oran 31000

Single room 7640 DA

Double room 8940 DA






 3 Hai Othmania, Oran Algérie

Single room 4000 DA

Double room 5000 DA

Luxury room 5000 DA

Triple room 6000 DA

Quadruple room 7000 DA
 NA 041233045



22. BD EMIR abdelkader Oran 31000

Single room 4250 DA          

Double room 4350 DA

Standing room 5500 DA
 NA 041361508/14



Hai khemisti, lots 36 N°33, Rondpoint de Canastel Oran

Single room 7000 DA

Double room 8000 DA



(1) Free airport shuttle

(2) Breakfast included

(3) TVA included

About Oran "Wahran"

How to talk about an 1117 years old city with such a modern and misleading face without getting lost. Oran was and still a metropolis welcoming many cultures and languages. We can talk about Oran "Wahran" in the Algerian language in thousand ways, but let the great diplomat and explorer Joannes Leo Africanus who visited the city in the 14th century start introducing Oran: Oran is a large city, well supplied of buildings and all sorts of things that make a good city, like colleges, hospitals, public baths and hotels, the city is surrounded by beautiful and high walls". before Leo Africanus, Oran also seduced the statesman and the precursor of the sociology Ibn khaldoun (1332-1406) who wrote: "Oran is superior to all other cities by its trade. It's a paradise for the unhappy one. Those who arrive poor in its walls will leave it again rich." In this pearl of the Mediterranean, we find everything from troglodyte caves, Spanish forts, Roman ruins of Portus Magnus, an Arab-Berber Kasbah, Turkish baths, beautiful buildings of the European city, popular neighborhoods, but also stories.

Oran, Algeria, around 1910. Chapel of Our Lady in Santa Cruz, and with the port and the city of Oran at the background

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Oran, Algeria, 2017. Chapel of Our Lady in Santa Cruz, and with the port and the city of Oran at the background 

Every neighborhood in the city of Oran can tell us its stories if we are ready to listen. From Sidi El Houari which houses the old Arab-Berber city and which was surrounded by the Spanish city, we turn our backs to the sea and we climb towards the European city. There we are greeted by the place of the 1st November with its superb opera and beautiful city hall. Oran is also the city of the saints, and the first marabout who comes to mind when we speak about the city is Sidi el Houari (1350-1439), the patron saint of the city. Oran is also the city of Sidi el Bachir, Sidi el Hasni, Sidi Maarouf, Sidi Ben Okba, Sidi Blal ... and it is the city of Santa Cruz and its chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Salvation, built in 1849 after a monstrous epidemic of Cholera.

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Mosque and Church Saint Louis. Sidi El Houari. Oran. Algeria

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Sidi El Houari. Oran. Algeria

The human presence is attested in the surroundings of Oran since the Upper Paleolithic (100,000 BC), evidenced by the tools found in the multitude of limestone caves that are perched on the side of Mount Aidour (Murdjajou), the man having taken advantage of this ideal location protected from wildlife irrigated by water sources coming from the mountains and pouring into the Mediterranean Sea. During the Lower Paleolithic and Neolithic, the region was inhabited by human groups belonging to Iberomaurusianand capsian cultures that have left traces of intense human activity. Since these remote times the region has always been inhabited but the current Oran was founded in the year 902 by Andalusian traders. Today, it is the second most important city of Algeria by its population and its economic impact. It is a modern cosmopolitan city where the different cultures of the country are mixed and where the impact of Eastern, Western and African civilizations draws a beautiful picture of tolerance and peace.

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Seafront of Oran